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President's Corner

by Emily J.

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Notes from the Secretary/Treasurer

by Debby K.

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Juddge Acvocat's Writings

by Anna W.

Remember, if your fiscal year ends June 30, you have from July 1 through November 15 to file your  990, and if your fiscal year ends December 31, you have from Janauary 1 through
May 15 to file.

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  • Notes From National MCLA


    The Bylaws and Administrative Procedures have been  approved, thanks to the wonderful work of our National Judge Advocate Mary Brief and the National MCL Judge Advocate Phil Zamora. The Convention Proceedings and Bylaws and Administrative Procedures changes have
    been emailed to the National Board of Trustees, Past National Presidents, Division
    Vice Presidents and their assistants, and Department and Unit Presidents. Department
    and Unit Presidents, please be sure to share all this information with your officers and
    members. There are a few Units that do not have email addresses. Those will be sent
    out by snail mail. Life Member distribution Department and Unit checks are being sent

     This is a very busy time for most of us planning for conferences, staff meetings and fundraising events. The future is bright with opportunities. Think outside the box and share your successes.

  • Notes from the Rocky Mountain Division


    I would first like to start out by congratulating the new Pikes Peak Unit that is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This has been a long time coming. This Charter will be Presented at the Department of Colorado Staff meeting on October 23, 2021. We will also be installing the new Unit’s Officers, any other Units that need to be installed as well. Make sure that all Units have held your elections of Officers for this upcoming year 2021 – 2022
    and all are a member in good standing.

    I would like to see the Rocky Mountain Division grow in Membership as well asgetting more invaded in our communities, with the Girl Scouts, Young Marines, Fisher House and Veteran programs, at your VA Hospital and Blood drives.

  • Notes from the Department of Colorado MCLA


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  • Attention On Deck


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This Month's Events

  • 15th: Meet and Greet
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  • 26th: DIY Demo
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Next Event: 10-23-2021

Upcoming Events

  • Department Staff Meeting Ocotber 23, 2021
  • Mid-Winter - Feburary 24, 22 to February 26, 22 Norfolk, VA
  • 2022 National Convention - August 11, 22 to August 20, 22 Daytona Beach Florida
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