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Added on 02.14.16

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From the National MCLA Jr Vice President - Linda Chamerlain


Our membership numbers as of November 30, 2018, are as follows:

                        2201 current members

·      1083  LM, ALM, (includes 34 new LM or ALM)

·       1027 R, RAM, or MAL

·        91 new members R, RAM or MAL

We are still 326 members below our December 2017 total as reported at the 2018 Mid-Winter Conference held in Fredericksburg VA.

So where are those 326 members? Recently it was brought to my attention that transmittals had not been received for some Departments. Ladies, as the Department Treasurer you have a responsibility to move the transmittals along in a timely manner and not hold on to dues checks from your units. First, it is poor banking practice; second, it can cause an auditing problem; and, third, by not sending in the transmittals, those unit members are now delinquent, according to our National Bylaws Section 620 - Delinquent Member.   

Now a word or two about the dreaded 990’s. In an effort to have an up-to-date list of EIN numbers and the most recent 990 filing information for units and departments ready to send to the League by January 15, 2019, I have begun searching EIN numbers on the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search website. So far my search has indicated that most of the units and departments in the two divisions I have completed have filed their 990 for 2017. However, I am still concerned that we have some units who have had their not-for-profit status revoked or have not filed a 990 since 2016.  

Also, please remember that a copy of the acceptance of filing from the IRS must be filed with the Unit, Department, Division Vice President, and National Headquarters, and don’t forget to keep a copy for your own file. Karen Grady has sent me copies of the filings she has received to date, which will save me time in looking thru the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search website.

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3 Things...........

Without you, the member, there is no Units of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary. There are 3 things each one of you are encouraged to do:

1. Attend monthly meetings;
2. Recruit New Members & renew current Members;
3. Volunteer