Operation Little Angel

There are many abusive situations in existence in our world today. You can do something to help! The Marine Corps League Auxiliary has launched a program called Operation Little Angel for its members to become aware of things they can do to aid those who are hurting. Please help the little angel. Contact your local area Child Abuse Center, Children's Home, or any organization affiliated with child abuse. These places need items for children from newborn to 17 years of age. Items needed are formula, booties/socks, all sizes of clothes, shoes, coats, blankets, soft cuddly toys, cribs, sheets, and other necessary items. Some of our angel are removed from the abusive situations in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on their back.

About Operation Little Angel

In 2000 a National President and two police officers, all members of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary (MCLA) put their heads, hearts and minds  together and the Operation Little Angel© (OLA) program was formed. It started out small with only the idea of stuffed toys being put into police vehicles to be given to frightened children. The dream grew and today, not just toys, but clothing, food and items necessary for survival are placed in the hands of those agencies that can best serve the “little angels” of this land.

Sadly, there are children of all ages in this country in need of items necessary for a safe, productive and happy young life. The MCLA can, with your help, make these lives a bit brighter. The circumstances surrounding these needs were not of the children’s making. Help can be given to the parent/parents to get back on their feet by helping the young loved ones of the family. By doing so, we can, in some small way, lessen the burden of the adult, who in most cases is dealing with challenges and stress of their own. Contacting your local child abuse center, children’s home or any local agency that deals with children and families is a good place to start. These agencies will identify the need in your geographical area. They will outline their specific needs

Mission & Services


This program, sponsored by the Marine Corps League Auxiliary, a non-profit organization, develops an ongoing program with a legal agency to provide emergency comfort needs through a process that works best with that agency and the local community. This process can involve contributions from local corporations, retail stores, service organizations, as well as individuals.  Ultimately, procurement of 501c3 grants will enhance your program.


Support Marine Corps League Auxiliary Unit and Department participation in the Operation Little Angel Program to meet the above vision and mission in local communities throughout the United  States of America.
• Promote MCLA Units soliciting local non-profit grants of money from corporations or foundations receiving a 501c3 tax deduction through the Marine Corps League Foundation. 100% of the donation goes to the local Unit to use in the community where the funds are collected.
• Facilitate an annual support event at every national convention where collections of monetary and tangible supplies sent or brought by Units throughout the nation are given to a local agency in the community of the national convention. The local agency meets the requirements in the OLA vision and mission statement.

Recent News

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